About our Youth in Action Programme

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Our “Europia” project has been realised within the framework of “Youth in Action“programme.
Following up our eTwinning project under the same title, students of the 1st Senior High School in Kesariani, Athens, Greece and Instituto Publico Ronda in Lleida, Spain worked upon the concept of European Citizenship.

We are glad that our co-operation has been so successful that we have currently been realing another eTwinning project in 2014. Had it not been for Νέα Γενιά σε Δράση (Youth in Action), we would not have been able to know our partners in person. We sincerely thank the Greek organization of Youth in Action for giving us this chance!


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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    Our visit started in the Acropolis where the first idea of the citizenship began. In fact, we have to know our history to realize where we are now. People who lived in Athens were worried about the rights of their neighbors and they made the citizen concept.
    Physic experiments showed us the importance of each element and how we need each other if you want to achieve a specific effect. Cooperation between European citizens is important to build a European citizenship concept connected to our needs.
    Also, we have to remember the people who died trying to protect the citizen’s rights in Kesariani’s forest. They fought because they thought it was worth losing their life for future generations.
    Finally, both, Greek people and Spanish people, are suffering the consequences of the recession, and this situation get involved a lot of difficulties for most of the inhibitants in our cities.
    As young people we can do several things together, we have to cooperate, to participate, together we can build our European citizenship concept which agree with our needs and our ideas.
    To sum up, young people have to keep in contact and work together participating, collaborating, we can contribute, our voice is important in Europe.
    Thank you to First Senior High School of Kesariani students; we know you have done an important effort to go with us, to help us thinking about our role in Europe and for being our guide in our stay in Athens.
    Thank you to Mrs. Aikaterini, headmistres’ school, for opening the doors of her school and letting us share some time with students and teachers. Thanks to all the teachers who believe in the Europia project and have offered the opportunity to meet both groups. Thank you to the Physic teacher who showed with his experiments the role of each element and the importance of the group in our participation in Europe.
    Thank you to Mr. Joan for his warm host; his explanations have been useful for us; we are aware of his effort to understand our poor English.
    Thank you to Mrs. Adriana, she has helped us a lot, the information and advices were good for us to know better the city and the history.
    And thank you to Mrs. Laskarina, without her effort this project wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for the time you have offered to this project, you have given the opportunity to express our voice in Europe. Young people together, can define our idea of Europe. Certainly, we have voice and we can cooperate in the European citizenship concept.
    We hope that our participation, Greek and Spanish students, in the project will improve our future.

  2. Dear Maribel,
    it was a great pleasure finally meeting you and working with you in Greece!
    I truly believe our co-operation that started through our eTwinning project, “Europe Tomorrow“, and continued with the funding of the European Commission, under the aegis of “Youth in Action“, bore fruit. I really could not wish for a better, more fullfilling partnership.
    Having taught English for more than twenty years, it has always been my priority to instill the sense of respect for other cultures in my students. Both our countries have been facing great hardships in the last years, and I am convinced by now that it is only through hard work, respect for diversity, co-operation via allowing young people to express their concerns and hopes for the future that we can achieve and sustain the European ideal.
    I am deeply grateful to the Greek agency for allowing us to realise this project and givε our students the opportunity to bond and co-operate, embracing the European ideal. No young peson should feel excluded; projects of this sort make this dream possible!
    Just like Jesica, one of your students, said, playing around with the initial of her name, Tomorrow’s Europe is “Jovial”!

  3. Yannis Giakoumakis | Reply

    Miss Maribel, I can only thank you through distance, but your kind words are the greatest joy to hear. I only did what Greek and Spanish hospitality ordered me to do. I just wish I could see you again, along with the girls and spend some more time on the project, as well as getting to know each other even better. As for the poor English, I beg to differ, firstly because I’m not the expert on English, secondly, because your English were as equally good as mine! It’s something human to make mistakes, the important thing is to respect each other and, accomplish your goals by co-operating with others. That’s something we did, and it is reflected in our work. It was a privilege working with you all, and I can only describe it as one of the highlights of my life so far. May we meet again. Already missing you.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s very kind of you.
      I really appreciate the care and friendly host you extended to us during the time we were in Athens.
      I send you my best wishes for you and your classmates!!!!

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